How do I set up my account?

Company admin users can set up recruiters, company logo and company information.

The x1recruiter dashboard is where you will first arrive when logging into x1recruiter after purchasing credits or posting a job.


Here you will be able to navigate around your x1recruiter account depending on the role you have within your account (Company Admin/Recruiter)

  • View all jobs
  • Add a job
  • Company Settings (logo & company description)
  • Company Users (add/remove users)
  • Talent Pools

Company Admin User - Setting Company Settings

It’s important to stand out by adding a logo which is displayed on your jobs plus any external sites such as Google Jobs.
From your dashboard, navigate to the Company Settings tab on the left-hand side menu. From here you can upload and re-size your company logo.
Save Settings after you have completed your changes

Company Settings

Company Admin User - Add or Remove Users

The company Admin for your account can add or remove users on your account.

To add or remove users click on Company Users from the left-hand menu

Here you will be able to add or remove recruiters on your account. You can add another company admin who has permission to change the settings on your account.

If you add any new users the users they need to enable their account within 60 minutes of the user being added. If the user hasn't activated within 60 minutes they will need to contact Customer Success on 0141 302 7510 or email

Company Admin - Assigning a CV Database Licence

  • Before anyone can search on the database a licence needs to be purchased.
  • If you have purchased a licence you can assign which user/s on your account have access to CV database.

    (If you haven't purchased a licence please contact customer success on 0141 302 7134 or email

    Company Admin - Company Profile Information

A company profile needs to be purchased before a profile can be made live.

(If you haven't purchased a licence please contact customer success on 0141 302 7134 or email )

On the left-hand menu select: Company Profile Settings

Depending on the level of profile purchased you can add/amend:

  • Company details
  • Profile images
  • Jobs header image
  • Video media
  • FAQ's for job seekers

After amending profile details you must click on SAVE PROFILE

Company admins also have the right to make the profile Live or Hidden to allow saving until fully completed.