How do I post a job?

This article will take you through a job posting and all the required fields.

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Adding a job

1: To add a job, login to x1recruiter with your email address and click on "Jobs Manager" under Recruiting Tools on left hand side navigation menu, this will expand the jobs manager menu as shown below:
Post Job1
Click the "Add Job" button in the left hand nav as shown below:

Post Job2

Or click "My jobs" and select the "Add a job" button on the top right of the screen

Posting Client Branded (on behalf of another company:

If you are posting on behalf of another company (
client branded) you can select which company you post for using the 'CHANGE COMPANY' button on the right hand side of the screen, see below:

The name of the company you've selected will appear clearly in the header of your recruiter account.

2: Enter all your "Main Details"

  • Job Title
  • Job Reference (optional)
  • Job Description
  • Location*
  • Core Skill
  • Closing Date - You don't have to set a closing date. Only set it if you want the job ad to close before the credit expires.

* The location requires a postcode or partial postcode to select from the location dropdown. Exact locations and postcodes benefit Google jobs search results. If you can't display the exact location of the job enter a postcode from a nearby location.

Post Job3
3: Enter the salary details for the job

  • Salary Type (Per year, Per week, Per day, Per hour)
  • Salary Number (Specific value, Range)
  • Salary Value - this field is mandatory to fill in a value

If you want it to say something else on the job salary such as benefits or pro-rata, then you can select "Customise salary description on job ad"

The text you fill will override the salary value, include the salary in this box if you want salary to show. Include the salary figure when using customise salary description, see below

To hide the salary leave the custom salary description box empty and 'Salary not specified' will be displayed

Post Job4

4: Enter additional details for the job

  • Hours
  • Contract type
  • Working Location
  • Apprenticeships programme
  • Immediate starts
  • Eligibility to work in the UK

5Add optional YouTube video

Candidates are more engaged when a video is available to watch. You can input a YouTube video here or use the Showcase option at the end of the posting process.

6: Set up how you want to receive applications

For the best response, we recommend ‘Apply directly on site’. This allows the jobseeker to apply quickly and easily on our site and allows you to manage your applications quickly and easily in x1recruiter.
Post Job5
Post your job or Save a draft for later

Always Preview your job before posting and make sure you haven't made any errors or omissions. From here you can choose to 'Post Live' or 'Edit Job'

Post your job or Save a draft for later

You will only see inventory here if you have it available for the region you have selected such as England/Wales or Scotland. This means if you have England/Wales inventory, but are trying to post in Scotland and do not have inventory for Scotland then you will not see any available inventory here.

Credit - Post your job on our site for the duration stated

Add-on - Makes your role stand out on our site

Boost - Boost your job across our partner sites

The options you have purchased will appear on this page to show what you can use for your posting.

By selecting "POST LIVE" you will see a confirmation screen confirming the job and credits used.

Post Job6

9: Post your job or Save a draft for later

10: Record or upload video using Showcase

Candidates love to see video about your job. At the end of the posting process you have an option to upload or record a video to talk about your role , what it's like working for your company and what to expect. You can record a personal video using your mobile device or upload a professional video.