How do I increase response & applications?

This guide will give tips on improving your applications on s1jobs if you're not getting the response you wanted.

Firstly you should review your job which is the best place to start. Here are some questions you should think about.
  •  Is the salary you’re advertising comparable to your competitors? Check out comparable jobs on Jobs advertising a salary always perform better than those which don't.
  • Are you selling your job? Are there benefits you can add which haven't been mentioned? Is flexible working an option? Do employees receive a birthday day off? What can you offer employees to make their working environment better?
  • Is your job title what job seekers search for? Standardise your job titles as often as you can so they can be found on site. If you can't change the job title mention the standard job titles within the job body for example: "We are looking for an experienced customer service expert to join our team. As a Product Expert you'll be expected to be confident, friendly and knowledgeable of our products." 
  • What’s off putting to jobseekers? Is the job location difficult to travel to , are the job requirements or job role too broad. Are you linking away to your own website? Application forms are a lengthy process and CV’s are the preferred route of apply for jobseekers. Were possible select the option to accept CV’s.

After reviewing your job think about re-posting

If your job has been on site for more than two weeks your response will be limited even after making changes. We recommend closing the job and reposting. This will use another job credit but you will get a better return in applications. Don't worry if you don't have a credit to re-post your job, candidates will still find your job when scrolling through all the vacancies. 

Consider other products to boost response

Sometimes there is nothing else you can do on your adverts and you need a little extra oomph! s1jobs has an excellent choice of boost and add-on credits to maximise reach and visibility. You can choose from Premier Positions to Talent Credits positioning your advert across social media channels and partner websites. 

If you have bought your credits with an account manager you can contact them and ask about boost products 

Use CV Database Invite to apply

You can search for candidates and invite them to apply for your jobs. You'll need a CV Database Licence, and this will allow you to search and add candidates to a talent pool. From the talent pools you can use the invite to apply function which sends an email to candidates inviting them to apply. You can invite multiple candidates by ticking each job seeker and using the "Page Actions" button.

Please call 0141 302 7510 or email to discuss Boost or CVDB licence options

If you are a self-service customer you can purchase boost/add-on credits online.

Here's a short video guide of using CV Database invite to apply function: